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An asylum-seeking mother and her preschooler continue to be in need of longer-term housing in Burlington.  In the past few months, a volunteer group of interfaith individuals and people of good will in Chittenden County – the Chittenden Asylum Seekers Assistance Network (CASAN) – has coalesced to assist them.

The mother (fluent English speaker) has current legal status as an asylum seeker. In accordance with our government’s regulations for those in the asylum process, she is not allowed to receive government assistance of any kind, live in low-income housing, or work until she gets to a certain point in the process. So we are raising funds for all the family’s living expenses for as long as needed, at least a year or more.

For these reasons, donated space would be wonderful, and CASAN donors could reimburse for any added cost of utilities or other expenses. Very low rent would be another good option.

It would be ideal for housing to be in Burlington near a bus line. A space of their own would also be ideal, though shared space would certainly be considered.

The family has been through a lot, and a stable home would be so beneficial for them.  Please share this need as widely as possible, and contact one of us if anyone can help.

The need for longer-term housing is the first concern at this time, and financial contributions are also needed to support the family in other ways, such as food, clothing, transportation, phone, etc. For more information, contact one of us.

Thank you for your consideration. On behalf of the Chittenden Asylum Seekers Assistance Network,

Refugee Advocates Jan Steinbauer (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church) and Carolyn Smiles

Please use one of the forms below to contact us with any question or offer of assistance. Thank you.



Thank You Kindly

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