September 2019

What Is Your Calling?

13th Sunday after Pentecost, September 08, 2019 - Luke 14:25-33 - The Reverend Dr. Arnold Isidore Thomas - I’ve always found it fascinating that the reference to the spirit or breath of God in Hebrew js feminine While God is often referred to in the masculine, it might be more accurate to reference God in… Continue reading What Is Your Calling?

August 2019

You’re Being Watched

10th Sunday after Pentecost, August 18, 2019 - Hebrews 11:29-12:2, Luke 12:49-56 - The Reverend Dr. Arnold Isidore Thomas - “His name was Lou Ferris, and he was the neighborhood bully who loved robbing kids of their lunch money,” Dad said with a grin, “and for whatever reason he loved bullying Michael out of his.”… Continue reading You’re Being Watched