School of Lay Ministry

The New England Synod School of Lay Ministry is an opportunity for spiritual growth, fellowship and learning together.” It is “designed to educate and equip lay people for enhanced participation in congregational and synodical life through personal spiritual development, biblical enhancement, and life-long learning.” – New England Synod of Lay Ministry


This year is our year of biblical studies, built around Reverend Doctor Anne Robinson’s series introducing the process of reading the Bible, the Hebrew Scriptures, and the New Testament. The series consists of three workbook style texts that will organize our weekly studies from late September to the end of April.

KICK OFF & TUITION- The school year kicks off the evening of Friday, September 8th with a weekend retreat on Zoom led by a Professor Robertson. Tuition for the year will be $350, with the added cost of the three books, which can be purchased as we go, at around $20 apiece.

SPECIAL INVITATION – Members and friends of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho are welcome to join any of our weekly meetings without cost.

SCHEDULE – Thursdays, 7:00 to 8:45 PM.

Facilitator Alan Crowley will post scripture and textbook readings each week in our e-bulletin and parish website. All are invited to drop in at any time, without preparation or further commitment, and may participate as much or as little as desired. There are no formal or graded assignments or tests in any part of the curriculum. Those who begin by auditing the class but who later choose to complete the two-year program may “make up” the retreats at a later time.

Below is a curriculum outline for this Biblical Year and a link to the SLM website, which provides more information, student videos, and applications (one very simple page, requiring only our pastor’s signature).  Though Alan is graduating at the end of this year, he is committed to facilitating any Good Shepherd cohort that wants to continue with the Theological Year in 2021-22.

MORE INFO & APPLICATION – NEELCA Synod School of Lay Ministry


Meeting ID: 782 412 567 ~ Passcode: scripture

Phone Dial-in for audio only: +1 301 715 8592


Recommended Bible: Lutheran Study Bible-NRSV

FIRST SIX-WEEK TRIMESTER: October 1 – November 12

Text: Anne Robertson, ​What Is the Bible? Student Tex​t (The Dickinson Series: Exploring theBible) (Volume 1)

I. What is the Bible? (book) “Exploring the Bible” The Dickinson Series – Rev.Anne Robertson

Session 1 – Thursday, Oct 1 – Orientation to the Bible
Session 2 – Thursday, Oct 8 – Choosing a Bible
Session 3 – Thursday, Oct 15 – Overview of the Old Testament
Session 4 – Thursday, Oct 22 – Overview of the New Testament
Session 5 – Thursday, Oct 29 – The Bible and its Authority
Session 6 – Thursday, Nov 5 – Archaeology and the Bible
Session 7 – Thursday, Nov 12 – Completion and review

SECOND SIX-WEEK TRIMESTER: – December 3 – January 21 (including holiday break)

II. Introducing the Old Testament (book) “Exploring the Bible” The Dickinson Series – Rev. Anne Robertson (volume 2)

Session 1 – Older Than Dirt
Session 2 – Who’s Your Daddy?
Session 3 – Laying Down The Law
Session 4 – United We Stand
Session 5 – Divided We Fall
Session 6 – Age of Empires

THIRD SIX-WEEK TRIMESTER: – February 11 – March 18

III. Introducing the New Testament (book) “Exploring the Bible” The Dickinson Series – Rev. Anne Robertson (volume 3)

Session 1 – Son of Man
Session 2 – Son of David
Session 3 – Son of God
Session 4 – Man of Letters
Session 5 – Leadership
Session 6 – Experiencing Church


Video – Session 1 – The Word Of God
Session 2 – What Lutherans Say About the Bible
 Session 3 – What the Bible Comes From
Session 4 – Interpreting the Bible in Context
Session 5 – Determining Right from Wrong
Session 6 – The Many Meanings of the Bible
Session 7 – Devotional Bible Reading


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