Lectio Divina – Mondays

Prayerful Reading with the Heart

Good Shepherd member and Lay Minister Alan Crowley invites you to join him Mondays at 8:15 PM via Zoom for Lectio Divina: Prayerful Reading with the Heart.

Alan will lead a prayerful meditation with a Scripture passage modeled on the ancient tradition of “Lectio Divina,” or, “Sacred Reading.”

Lectio Divina is not a bible study, but a prayerful listening with our hearts to God’s Word, seeking to connect more deeply to the mind and heart of Christ and to each other. Though the Latin term Lectio Divina seems to imply an esoteric, hidden method for monastics, it is really quite simple and natural in its process. An individual or group reads aloud and listens to a short scripture passage three separate times, pausing each time to consider and respond to a different question:

           1. “What does the passage say or mean?”

           2. “What is God saying to or about me?”

           3. “What response does God’s Word stir in me?”

At the end, we sit five minutes in silent contemplation, appreciation, and togetherness, before concluding by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

In our Good Shepherd weekly devotion, we will begin each Monday at 8:15 PM, taking no more than 40 minutes total for reading and sharing. We will focus on one of the readings from the following week’ s lectionary selections, so that our prayer experience can help prepare the soil of our hearts to receive the Word most fruitfully in our worship.

As with all our worship and communal life, all are welcome, no matter who they are or where they are in their spiritual journey. Any person can join our Lectio Divina on any Monday they choose, by joining the Zoom Meeting hosted by Alan.

Time: Weekly at 8:15 PM on Mondays

Zoom Access Link (valid every week):

Meeting ID: 83758552695
Password: reading

One tap mobile: dial per your location.
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kyeFuFil2

If you have not used Zoom before, here’s a basic how-to about Joining a Zoom Meeting.

Basic Norms:

  • Participation monitored and guided by the host.
  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality in personal sharing.
  • Not an occasion for debate or problem solving.
  • Kind, open, and gentle listening to each person

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