March 2020

The Beloved Community and Disobedience

Midweek Lenten Service, March 5, 2020
Genesis 3:1-24

– The Reverend Dr. Arnold Isidore Thomas –

Every action has a consequence. The Genesis story of humanity’s disobedience is less a story about whether humanity should know good from evil, but rather whether our notion of good and evil should compete or contend with God’s notion of good and evil.

When God commissioned humanity to have dominion and stewardship over creation, it was for the purpose of reflecting and extending the work and intent of the divine Creator. We were commissioned to be stewards not abusers of God’s creation. The eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil represented the tendency to go our own way, establish our own sense of good and evil and truth apart from God.

We knew good from evil as God instructed, we knew the way of life and death as God showed us. Scientists, in many ways continue to convey the voice of God by saying if we continue to abuse the natural resources God created, all creation will be cursed and suffer the consequences. We will die.

The Beloved Community makes room for disobedience that learns from its mistakes. It’s called penance. But it cannot survive on arrogant and negligent notions of truth, contrary to the common good and the way of God. Such behavior leads to death.

We are still learning, and hopefully we will learn before the way to Eden has closed permanently to our return. Amen.